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Sevilla, Gaston John a dit…

I have to ask, Who is Kumi?
I'm so curious.

karolyn a dit…

A friend and musician :)

you can check her website here > http://kumisolo.com

FabianDres a dit…

can I ask yu something? how big is the format-paper you use for this illustration?

I LOVE ur work

SOFIA a dit…

your illustrations amazing !!!))

Sevilla, Gaston John a dit…

I want to ask you a lot of questions. what kind of paper do you use? and mediums too. do you scan your illustrations? if yes, what kind of camera do you use?

karolyn a dit…

this illustration is not scanned because it is too big. (50x70cm)
But usually they are scanned, yes.
I use only colour pencils on paper on this drawing.